Invisible Ear

“Thou know’st what to say.”


SOLD OUT!!!invisible ear 4 cover0001Just FOUR you! Invisible Ear Four is ready for purchase (for the usual cost of six bucks). Featuring your future poetry-crushes: David Bartone & Jeff Downey, Eric Baus, Luke Bloomfield, Francesca Chabrier, Phil Cordelli, Loren Goodman, Kim Hagerich, Hailey Higdon, Brian Mihok, and Michelle Taransky.

Natalie Lyalin’s Pink and Hot Pink Habitat

Natalie’s first book, Pink and Hot Pink Habitat, has been released into the wild by Coconut Books.pahphpic
You’re pretty much going to want to go buy a truckload of these puppies. You won’t be sorry.

New Titles from Patrick Lovelace Editions

Marie Buck’s Life & Style

and Peasants, by Brad Flis

Invisible Ear at Juniper


At this year’s Juniper Festival, Invisible Ear will be sharing a table once again with the tasty Lyalin/Link brainchild known fondly as Glitterpony.

To be honest, we (I) could not be more excited.

Now They Are Visible

Here you can watch former Invisible Ears Heather Christle and Natalie Lyalin read their poetry at the Kelly Writers House at Penn. This reading was part of the Whenever We Feel Like It series, majestically curated by Michelle Taransky and Emily Pettit.

Tuned Droves

Recently out from Octopus (but you already know this) is Tuned Droves, by Eric Baus Tuned Droves. I’d tell you more, but you’ll want to experience this one for yourself.

Get The Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane

You’re probably going to want to go pre-order Lawrence Giffin’s new chapbook, Get The Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane, coming in March from Ugly Duckling. You may remember him from the lovely pages of Invisible Ear Two.