Invisible Ear

“Thou know’st what to say.”

Invisible Ear THREE


Invisible Ear III is about to drop just in time for AWP in Chicago. Please visit the table we (the royal, you know) will be sharing with SKEIN and GLITTERPONY. It’s going to be a fierce love fest.

In the meanwhile, prepare your paunches for the too-good-to-prepare-for poems of Lesley Yalen, Lewis Freedman, Brian Baldi, Emily Toder, Anjali Khosla Mullany, Mark Leidner, Edward Mullany, Ari Feld, Ezekiel Black, and Jack Christian. IE3 will feature what I’d like to call a Moment of Introduction in which I freak out about how much I love these poems.

You will be able to buy it here on this very site very soon, but if you have questions, as always, direct them to me at seth [dot] landman [at] gmail [dot] com.



  lovely owl wrote @


  Josh wrote @

This is a delicious site. I would also like frequent links to Landman basketball thinkings.

  Bruce wrote @

You have built a nice society here. And of course, I love the peeping Harrison.

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